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Brief Introduction to the School of Tourism
2013-04-25 14:00   审核人:

                    Brief Introduction to the School of Tourism


School of Tourism (Sino-French School of Tourism) of Guangzhou University is located in Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center (also known as Guangzhou University City) with beautiful surroundings. The school has two names: School of Tourism of Guangzhou University is a public teaching subdivision at Guangzhou University, while the Sino-French School of Tourism was established on the basis of School of Tourism of Guangzhou University, approved by Guangdong provincial government under the agreement between Guangzhou municipal government and Education Ministry of France in 2001. It is mainly aimed at higher education on tourism management and MICE management.


At present, the school has three departments and two centers, which are Department of Tourism and Leisure Management Department of Hotel Management, Department of MICE Economy and Management, Center of Tourism Research, Planning and Designing and Center of Tourism Competitiveness Research. The school offers one postgraduate program in Tourism Management and two undergraduate programs in Tourism Management and MICE Economy and Management. It is among the schools of the same kind in China which enroll the highest number of undergraduates in tourism major. Besides, it is one of the first schools in China offering undergraduate programs in the area of Exhibition and Business Tourism and of Gulf and Leisure Management.


The school possesses a cohesive, dedicated and vigorous faculty team of 54 people including 6 professors, 21 associate professors, 13 scholars with doctoral degree and 6 other scholars seeking doctoral degree currently. 1 professor was elected into the “Supporting program for Excellence in the New Century” of Ministry of Education. 1 professor was selected for the Supporting Plan of Talent Cultivation for a New Century of Education Ministry. 5 selected for “the One Thousand, One Hundred and Ten Talent Cultivation Project”. 24 teachers were sent for refresher courses in France, Spain and Italy, sponsored under the EU ‘s program of “Asia Link”, and 5 others conducted further study or visiting research respectively in the USA, Japan, Germany or Britain. The percentage of teachers with overseas academic experiences reaches 80%. The School has a number of advanced teaching and research facilities and some state-of-the-art laboratories, such as comprehensive experimental function laboratory for tourism planning, travel agency laboratory, comprehensive experimental laboratory for hotel management, and golf simulation training room.


The school took over more than 10 national, provincial and ministerial projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China, National Social Science Fund and Education Ministry, and more than 30 horizontal projects from local government, enterprises and institutions, with strong research strength in the areas of industrial upgrading and transformation in tourism in the Pearl River Delta and evaluation of Competitive Power in tourism industry. Based on Guangzhou and radiating overseas, the school has made special contributions to the construction of tourism discipline and to the service for the development of local economy and community, therefore, it has become a very important force in tourism higher education system in China with distinctive image.

The school provides undergraduate programs in two educational models: Sino-French model and domestic general model. The Sino-French model is the first and the only cooperative project of higher education in tourism between the government of China and the Education Department of France, offering excellent faculty resources from two countries teaching bilingual in Chinese and French. Students in the Sino-French model are able to achieve school certificates issued not only by the University of Guangzhou but also by the University of Angers and the University of Nice. 25-30 outstanding graduates, moreover, can conduct postgraduate study in France. They are treated as French students, paying no tuition fee but only registration fee. The Sino-French model is managed by a Council of 14 members respectively from governments, enterprises and education institutes of two countries including Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Tourism, Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Education, Guangzhou University, Guangzhou Trade Promotion Association, the GZL International Travel Agency, Garden Hotel Guangzhou, Guangzhou Oriental Hotel and the French Ministry of Education, the University of Angers, the University of Nice, French Argos Enterprise, and the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry, studying, discussing, supervising and implementing personnel cultivating scale, training requirements and teaching plans. The French partners send some professors and experts to teach in our school every year.


The school is sparing no efforts in developing international cooperation programs and postgraduate education for the purpose of cultivating the students to be high qualified “professional managers”, knowledgeable, extroverted, multiple and practical in tourism or MICE management with innovation spirit and practice competence. There is a high demand for our students in the market which promises our school a high employment rate and broad development prospect.


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